• Masa'aki Sakai

  • Masa'aki Sakai

  • Masaaki Sakai

    Masaaki Sakai (堺 正章, Sakai Masaaki, born August 6, 1946 as Masaaki Kurihara (栗原 正章, Kurihara Masaaki)) is a popular Japanese performer from Tokyo. He is best known to English-speaking audiences as the title star of the TV show Monkey.

  • Sakai Tadaaki

    Sakai Tadaaki (酒井 忠義, August 4, 1813 – December 5, 1873), also known as Sakai Tadayoshi, was a Japanese daimyō of the Edo period, and he was a prominent shogunal official. He was also known as by his courtesy titles of Shūri-daibu (1834; and again in 1850); as Wakasa-no-kami (1841); and Ukyō-daibu (1862). He was Obama's last daimyō, holding this position until the feudal domains were abolished in 1871.

  • Masaaki

    Masaaki (written: 政明, 雅明, 正明, 昌明, 方明, 真明, 将明, 良昭, 正昭, 政昭, 順昭, 雅昭, 正朗, 正晃, 成晃, 将晃, 正章, 雅章, 誠章, 正秋 or 真秋) is a masculine Japanese given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Masaaki Iinuma

    Masaaki Iinuma (飯沼正明, Iinuma Masaaki, August 2, 1912 – December 11, 1941) was a Japanese aviator.

  • Masaaki Fukuoka

    Masaaki Fukuoka (福岡政章, Fukuoka Masaaki, born July 12, 1984) is a male Japanese judoka.

  • Masaaki Shirakawa

    Masaaki Shirakawa

    Masaaki Shirakawa (白川 方明, Shirakawa Masaaki, born September 27, 1949) is a Japanese economist, central banker and the 30th Governor of the Bank of Japan (BOJ), and professor at Aoyama Gakuin University. He is also a Director and Vice-Chairman of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS).

  • Masaaki Ideguchi

    Masaaki Ideguchi

    Masaaki Ideguchi (井手口 正昭, Ideguchi Masaaki, born April 10, 1988) is a Japanese football player for FC Osaka.

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