• Mary Lou

    Mary Lou may refer to:

  • Mary Lou Finlay

    Mary Lou Finlay (born 1947) is a Canadian radio and television journalist, best known for hosting various programs on CBC Radio and CBC Television.

  • Mary Lou Zelazny

    Mary Lou Zelazny is an American painter (born 1956) Chicago Illinois, USA. Educated at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) where she was exposed to and trained with Ray Yoshida, Barbara Rossi, Hollis Sigler and others of that generation. Completed Bachelor of Fine Art degree in 1980.

  • Mary Lou Ridinger

    Mary Lou Ridinger (born 1945 in Ft. Worth) is an American archaeologist. She holds a B.A. in Latin American Studies from The University of Colorado at Boulder and an M.A. in Archaeology from the University of the Americas After her graduate studies, Ridinger lived in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and worked on a number of archeological digs in the country, including the excavation preceding the construction of Mexico City's subway system. She is known for her discovery of the in-situ jade quarry sites in Guatemala that had been lost since the time of the Spanish Conquest of the Americas.

  • Mary Lou Petty

    Mary Lou Petty

    Mary Lou Petty (April 5, 1915 – April 2, 2014), also known by her married name Mary Lou Skok, was an American competition swimmer. She competed at the 1936 Summer Olympics and placed fourth in the 400-meter freestyle event.

  • Mary Lou Dickerson

    Mary Lou Dickerson (born September 3, 1946) is a Democratic member of the Washington House of Representatives, representing the 36th district from 1995 until 2012.

  • Mary Lou Goertzen

    Mary Lou Goertzen (born 1929) is an American artist, peace activist and Mennonite.

  • Mary Lou Soffa

    Mary Lou Ehnot Soffa is an American computer scientist noted for her research on compilers, program optimization, system software and system engineering.

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