• Mary Carr Moore

    Mary Carr Moore (6 August 1873 - 9 January 1957) was an American composer, conductor, vocalist, and music educator of the twentieth century. She is best remembered today for her association with the musical life of the West Coast.

  • Mary Carr

    Mary Carr

    Mary Carr (née Kenevan) (March 14, 1874 – June 24, 1973), was an American film actress and was married to the actor William Carr (1866–1937). She appeared in 144 films between 1915 and 1956. She was given some of filmdoms plum mother roles in silent pictures, especially Fox's 1920 Over the Hill to the Poorhouse which was a great success. She was interred in Calvary Cemetery. Carr bore a strong resemblance to Lucy Beaumont, another famous character actress of the time who specialized in mother roles. As older actresses such as Mary Maurice and Anna Townsend passed on, Carr, still in her forties, seem to inherit all the granny roles in silent films.

  • Maxine Moore Carr

  • Mary Jane Carr

    Mary Jane Carr(April 23, 1895 – January 4, 1988) was an author born in Portland, Oregon. Carr wrote her first poem at the age of eight. While at high school, she relied on her writing to pay her way through school. She had a contract with Walt Disney. Other than poems and stories, she also published plays for children. She made a career in journalism, spending several years editing the newspapers for Catholic Sentinel. Her first book, Children of the Covered Wagon, was published in 1934. This novel would be filmed under the title "Westward Ho the Wagons" (1956), through Walt Disney Productions. Young Mac of Fort Vancouver and Peggy and Paul and Laddy also contributed to her fame.

  • Mary Carroll

    Mary Janet Carroll (née Hutchinson) was an elite netball player for Australia. She played for Australia in the early 60's playing with Norma Plummer, the current head coach for Australia's record breaking team. She is married to Dennis Carroll and has two daughters.

  • Mary Dann and Carrie Dann

    Mary Dann and Carrie Dann

    The Dann Sisters, Mary Dann (1923–2005) and Carrie Dann (born c. 1932), are Western Shoshone elders who are spiritual leaders, ranchers, and cultural, spiritual rights and land rights activists. Mary Dann died in 2005. They challenged the federal government over uses of their tribe's traditional land, in a case that reached the United States Supreme Court as US v. Dann.

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