• Ahtisaari, Martti

  • Martti Ahtisaari

    Martti Ahtisaari

    Martti Oiva Kalevi Ahtisaari ([mɑrtːi oiʋɑ kɑleʋi ɑhtisɑːri] ( listen ) born 23 June 1937) is a Finnish politician, the tenth President of Finland (1994–2000), a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, and a United Nations diplomat and mediator noted for his international peace work.

  • Martti Vainio

    Martti Sakari Vainio (born 30 December 1950) is a Finnish former long-distance runner. In Finland he is recognized as the last of the great runners of the famous "V-line", the previous ones being Juha Väätäinen, Lasse Virén, and Pekka Vasala. Each of them won at least one gold medal either at the Summer Olympics or the European Athletics Championships in the 1970s. Vainio's accomplishments are tarnished though, for testing positive for PEDs on at least two occasions. One of those events was the 1984 Olympic Games where he was disqualified and stripped of his medal and later suspended from sport.

  • Martti Larni

    Martti Larni

    Martti Larni (birth name Martti Johannes Laine) (September 22, 1909 – March 7, 1993) was a Finnish writer. He was the chairman of the Union of Finnish Writers from 1964 to 1967.

  • Martti Kuusela

    Martti Kuusela (born 9 October 1945 in Rovaniemi) is a Finnish football manager and former midfielder.

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