• Martha Holmes (broadcaster)

    Martha Holmes is a BAFTA Award-winning BBC Television producer and writer known for her wildlife documentaries.

  • Martha Holmes


  • Hamilton E. Holmes station

    Hamilton E. Holmes, also known as H.E. Holmes, is a metro station in Atlanta, Georgia, the western

  • Martha MacKenzie

    Martha MacKenzie (also Stewart and Holden) is a fictional character from the Australian Channel

  • Martha Holmes (photographer)

    Martha Holmes Waxman (7 February 1923 in Louisville, Kentucky – 19 September 2006 in Manhattan, New

  • Mystery fiction

    (like Sherlock Holmes and his assistant John H. Watson) who eventually solves the mystery by logical

  • Detective fiction

    of detective fiction include C. Auguste Dupin, Sherlock Holmes, and Hercule Poirot. Juvenile

  • Arthur Conan Doyle

    the character Sherlock Holmes in 1887 when he published A Study in Scarlet, the first of four novels

  • Canton, Ohio

    . The city lies on the edge of Ohio's extensive Amish country, particularly in Holmes and Wayne

  • Charles Scribner's Sons

    Santayana, John Clellon Holmes, Don DeLillo, and Edith Wharton. The president of Scribner as of 2017

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