• Caroline Anderson

    Caroline Anderson may refer to:

  • Anderson, Caroline

  • Caroline Anderson (writer)

    Caroline Anderson is the pseudonym by Caroline M. Woolnough (born 1939 in Hong Kong ) is a popular British writer of over 80 contemporary romance novels to Mills & Boon (or Harlequin Enterprises Ltd ) since 1991. She specializes in medical romances. She has lived in Suffolk, England.

  • Margaret Caroline Rudd

    Margaret Caroline Rudd (c. 1745 – c. 1798) was a notorious female forger during the 18th century in Britain. She was accused of the offence in March 1775 along with the Perreau brothers, Daniel and Robert who claimed to have been framed by her. She got away with the crime, and the Perreaus were found guilty and executed.

  • Caroline Anderson (disambiguation)

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