• Marcellus Emants

    Marcellus Emants

    Marcellus Emants (12 August 1848 – 14 October 1923) was a Dutch novelist who was one of the few examples of Dutch Naturalism. He is seen as a first step towards the renewing force of the Tachtigers towards modern Dutch literature, a movement which started around the 1880s. His most well-known work is A Posthumous Confession, published in 1894, translated by J. M. Coetzee.

  • Marcellus

    Marcellus may refer to:

  • Jacky Marcellus

    Jacky Marcellus

    Jacky Marcellus is an American football player from Immokalee, Florida who plays as a running back for the Eastern Kentucky Colonels football team.

  • Marcellus Gaines

    Marcellus Gaines

    Marcellus Gaines is an American football player from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan who plays as a running back.

  • Marcellus Earlington

    Marcellus Earlington

    Marcellus Earlington is an American football player from Ramsey, New Jersey who plays as a strong-side defensive end.

  • Marcellus Gilmore Edson

    Marcellus Gilmore Edson

    Marcellus Gilmore Edson (February 7, 1849 – March 6, 1940) was a Canadian chemist (pharmacist) of Montreal, born in Bedford (Québec), who patented peanut butter in 1884. His cooled product had "a consistency like that of butter, lard, or ointment", according to his patent application. He included the mixing of sugar into the paste to harden its consistency.

  • Cassius Marcellus Clay (politician)

    Cassius Marcellus Clay (politician)

    Cassius Marcellus Clay (/ˈkæʃəs ˌmɑːrˈsɛləs/; October 19, 1810 – July 22, 1903), nicknamed the "Lion of White Hall", was a Kentucky planter, politician, and emancipationist who worked for the abolition of slavery. He freed the slaves that were handed down as his inheritance from his father. Those freed slaves were allowed to stay and were paid a wage. He was appointed by President Abraham Lincoln as the United States minister to Russia during the American Civil War, and is credited with gaining Russian support for the Union.

  • Theatre of Marcellus

    Theatre of Marcellus

    The Theatre of Marcellus (Latin: Theatrum Marcelli, Italian: Teatro di Marcello) is an ancient open-air theatre in Rome, Italy, built in the closing years of the Roman Republic. At the theatre, locals and visitors alike were able to watch performances of drama and song. Today its ancient edifice in the rione of Sant'Angelo, Rome, once again provides one of the city's many popular spectacles or tourist sites. Space for the theatre was cleared by Julius Caesar, who was murdered before its construction could begin; the theatre was advanced enough by 17 BC that part of the celebration of the ludi saeculares took place within the theatre; it was completed in 13 BC and formally inaugurated in 12 BC by Augustus.

  • Marcus Claudius Marcellus (consul 166 BC)

    Marcus Claudius Marcellus (died circa 148 BC) was Roman consul for year 166 BC (together with Gaius Sulpicius Gallus ), for 155 BC (with Publius Cornelius Scipio Nasica Corculum ), and for 152 BC (with Lucius Valerius Flaccus ).

  • Jean Marcellus

    Jean Marcellus

    Jean Marcellus is an American football player from Tampa, Florida who plays as an offensive guard for the USF Bulls football team.

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