• Manuel Gómez

    Manuel Gómez may refer to:

  • Jaime Manuel Gómez

    Jaime Manuel Gomez (born June 27, 1972 in Laredo, Texas) is a Mexican American professional boxer in the Light Middleweight division.

  • Manuel Gomez (clarinettist)

    Manual Gomez (1859–1922) was a Spanish clarinettist and founding member of the London Symphony Orchestra. Gomez is believed to have been responsible for introducing the Boehm system to the United Kingdom.

  • BRP Manuel Gomez (PG-388)

    Manuel Gomez is the seventeenth ship of the Jose Andrada-class coastal patrol craft of the Philippine Navy. She was commissioned with the Philippine Navy in 1996, and is currently in service with the Littoral Combat Force, Philippine Fleet.

  • Manuel Gómez Mora

    Manuel Gómez Mora (born August 16, 1990 in Guadalajara, Jalisco ), known as Manuel Gómez, is a Mexican professional association football (soccer) player who plays for Inter Playa del Carmen.

  • Juan Manuel Gómez Sánchez

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