• Manolis Anagnostakis

    Manolis Anagnostakis (10 March 1925 – 23 June 2005) was a Greek poet and critic at the forefront of the Marxist and existentialist poetry movements arising during and after the Greek Civil War in the late 1940s. Anagnostakis was a leader amongst his contemporaries and influenced the generation of poets immediately after him. His poems have been honored in Greece's national awards and arranged and sung by contemporary musicians. In spite of his accomplishments, Philip Ramp notes that Anagnostakis "is the least known, to an English speaking audience, of the major Greek poets of his generation." []

  • Manolis

    Manolis (Greek: Μανώλης, Μανόλης) is a Greek masculine given name that is usually a contraction of Emmanouil. It may refer to:

  • Manolis Chiotis

    Manolis Chiotis

    Manolis Chiotis (Greek: Μανώλης Χιώτης; March 21, 1920, Thessaloniki – March 21, 1970, Athens ) was a Greek rebetiko and laiko composer, singer, and bouzouki player. He is considered one of the greatest bouzouki soloists of all time. He popularised the four-course bouzouki (tetrachordo) and introduced the guitar-like tuning, who found it better suited to the kind of virtuoso playing he was famous for.

  • Manolis Koukoulas

    Manolis Koukoulas (alternate spellings: Emmanouil) (Greek: Μανώλης Κουκουλάς; (born August 19, 1991) is a Greek professional basketball player. He is 2.10 m (6' 10​3⁄4") tall. He plays at the center position.

  • Manolis Papasterianos

    Emmanouil Papasterianos (Greek: Εμμανουήλ Παπαστεριανός; born 15 August 1987 is a Greek footballer who plays as a defensive midfielder for Iraklis.

  • Manolis Liapakis

    Manolis Liapakis (Greek: Μανώλης Λιαπάκης; born 11 June 1984) is a Greek footballer who currently plays for Doxa Drama.

  • Manolis Tzanakakis

    Manolis Tzanakakis (Greek: Μανώλης Τζανακάκης, born 30 April 1992) is a Greek professional footballer, who plays as a right back or left back.

  • Manolis Mantakas

    Emmanouil or Manolis Mantakas (Greek: Μανώλης Μάντακας, Lakkoi 1891 - Athens 1968) was a Greek Army officer who rose to the rank of Major General, and who became a leader in the Greek Resistance and a politician.

  • Manolis Rasoulis

    Manolis Rasoulis

    Emmanouil (Manolis) Rasoulis (Greek: Μανώλης Ρασούλης, 28 September 1945 – 5 March 2011), best known as the lyricist of famous songs, was a Greek music composer, singer, writer, and journalist.

  • Manolis Kallergis

    Manolis Kallergis (Greek: Μανώλης Καλλέργης, born 5 December 1990) is a professional Greek football player, currently playing as a winger Fokikos.

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