• Manfred Lachs

    Manfred H. Lachs (April 21, 1914 in Stanislav, Austrian Galicia – January 14, 1993 in Den Haag ) was a Polish diplomat and jurist who greatly influenced in the development of international law after World War II.

  • Manfred

    Manfred: A dramatic poem is a closet drama written in 1816–1817 by Lord Byron. It contains supernatural elements, in keeping with the popularity of the ghost story in England at the time. It is a typical example of a Gothic fiction.

  • Manfred Schuler (speed skater)

  • Manfred Muller (bishop)

  • Manfred, King of Sicily

    Manfred, King of Sicily

    Manfred (Sicilian: Manfredi di Sicilia; 1232 – 26 February 1266) was the last King of Sicily from the Hohenstaufen dynasty, reigning from 1258 until his death. The natural son of the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II, Manfred became regent over the kingdom of Sicily on behalf of his nephew Conradin in 1254. As regent he subdued rebellions in the kingdom, until in 1258 he usurped Conradin's rule. After an initial attempt to appease pope Innocent IV he took up the ongoing conflict between the Hohenstaufens and the papacy through combat and political alliances. He defeated the papal army at Foggia on 2 December 1254. Excommunicated by three successive popes, Manfred was the target of a Crusade (1255–66) called first by Pope Alexander IV and then by Urban IV. Nothing came of Alexander's call, but Urban enlisted the aid of Charles of Anjou in overthrowing Manfred. Manfred was killed during his defeat by Charles at the Battle of Benevento, and Charles assumed kingship of Sicily.

  • Manfred Hutter

    Manfred Hutter (born 6 June 1957) is a professor of Bonn University. He is usually interested in writing about minority religions, comparative religions and pre-Islamic Arabia.

  • Manfred Schwabl

    Manfred Schwabl

    Manfred "Manni" Schwabl (born April 18, 1966 in Holzkirchen) is a former West German international footballer. He is currently the president of Regionalliga Bayern side SpVgg Unterhaching.

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