• Mandell Creighton

    Mandell Creighton

    Mandell Creighton (/ˈmændəl ˈkraɪtən/; 5 July 1843 – 14 January 1901) was a British historian and a bishop of the Church of England. A scholar of the Renaissance papacy, Creighton was the first occupant of the Dixie Chair of Ecclesiastical History at the University of Cambridge, a professorship established around the time that history was emerging as an independent academic discipline. He was also the first editor of the English Historical Review , the oldest English language academic journal in the field of history. Creighton had a second career as a cleric in the Church of England. He served as a parish priest in Embleton, Northumberland and later, successively, as a Canon Residentiary of Worcester Cathedral, the Bishop of Peterborough and the Bishop of London. His moderation and worldliness drew praise from Queen Victoria and won notice from politicians. It was widely thought at the time that Creighton would have become the Archbishop of Canterbury had his early death, at age 57, not supervened.

  • Mandell

    Mandell is a surname and a given name:

  • Daniel Mandell

    Daniel Mandell (August 13, 1895 – June 8, 1987) was an American film editor with more than 70 film credits. His first editing credit was for The Turmoil in 1924. From Dodsworth (1936) to Porgy and Bess (1959), Mandell worked for Samuel Goldwyn Productions. He had notable collaborations with directors William Wyler (1933–1946) and Billy Wilder (1957–1966). Mandell's last credit was for The Fortune Cookie in 1966.

  • Robert Mandell (conductor)

    Robert Mandell (born August 22, 1929) is an international conductor. While American, he is noted in the United Kingdom for his popular family concerts, young people's concerts, and stage musicals.

  • Mandell Berman

    Mandell Berman

    Mandell "Bill" Berman (1917–2016) was the businessman (housing construction industry) and philanthropist behind the Mandell L. and Madeleine H. Berman Foundation, which supports Jewish education, and research and study of the contemporary American Jewish community. His philanthropic focus was on the storage, dissemination, and preservation of Jewish data, as well as Jewish education and special education.

  • Eleni Mandell

    Eleni Mandell

    Eleni Mandell (born in Los Angeles, California ) is an American singer-songwriter. She is also a member of folk supergroup The Living Sisters with Inara George and Becky Stark.

  • Mandell L. and Madeleine H. Berman Foundation

    The Mandell L. and Madeleine H. Berman Foundation was founded by Mandell L. Berman as a vehicle for his charitable giving. The foundation supports research and study of the American Jewish community.

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