• Wheeler, Lucille

  • Lucile Wheeler

    Lucile Wheeler, CM (born January 14, 1935) is a former alpine ski racer from Canada. She was a double world champion in 1958, the first North American to win a world title in the downhill event.

  • Lucille

    Lucille may refer to:

  • Lucille Bremer

    Lucille Bremer

    Lucille Bremer (February 21, 1917 – April 16, 1996) was an American film actress and dancer.

  • Lucille Houston

    Lucille Houston (born January 13, 1985) is a blogger.

  • Lucille Roubedeaux

    Lucille Roubedeaux (died 2005) was the final surviving native speaker of the Osage language of Oklahoma. A program had been initiated to revive the language before the death of the last speaker, but to not much avail: "This is the last train out. If we can't get it done this time around, then that's it. There is no more after this. That's it," said "Uncle Mogre" of the Osage who had been working to preserve the language. At the time of Mrs. Roubedeaux's death, the Osage language had been dwindling for nearly 200 years.

  • Lucille Bliss

    Lucille Bliss

    Lucille Theresa Bliss (March 31, 1916 – November 8, 2012) was an American actress, known in the Bay Area and in Hollywood as the Girl With a Thousand Voices.

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