• Louis-Philippe Pigeon

    Louis-Philippe Pigeon, CC QC (February 8, 1905 – February 23, 1986) was a Canadian lawyer, academic, and puisne justice of the Supreme Court of Canada.

  • Louis-Philippe Picard

    Louis-Philippe Picard (12 August 1899 – 22 May 1959) was a Liberal party member of the House of Commons of Canada. He was born in Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec and became an executive assistant, lawyer and reporter by career.

  • Paris under Louis-Philippe

    Paris under Louis-Philippe

    Paris during the reign of King Louis-Philippe (1830-1848) was the city described in the novels of Honoré de Balzac and Victor Hugo. Its population increased from 785,000 in 1831 to 1,053,000 in 1848, as the city grew to the north and west, while the poorest neighborhoods in the center became even more crowded.

  • Louis-Philippe Pelletier

    Louis-Philippe Pelletier

    Louis-Philippe Pelletier, PC (February 1, 1857 – February 8, 1921) was a Canadian lawyer, journalist, newspaper owner, politician, professor, and judge.

  • Louis-Philippe de Grandpré

    Louis-Philippe de Grandpré, CC GOQ QC (February 6, 1917 – January 24, 2008) was a Canadian lawyer and puisne justice of the Supreme Court of Canada.

  • Louis-Philippe de Grandpre

  • Louis-Philippe Mariauchau d'Esgly

    Louis-Philippe Mariauchau d'Esgly

    Louis-Philippe Mariauchau d’Esgly (24 April 1710 – 4 June 1788) was the eighth bishop of the diocese of Quebec.

  • First ministry of Louis-Philippe

    First ministry of Louis-Philippe

    The First ministry of Louis-Philippe was announced on 11 August 1830 by King Louis Philippe I two days after he had become king. It replaced the Provisional Ministry announced on 1 August 1830. On 2 November 1830 it was replaced by the Cabinet of Jacques Laffitte.

  • Louis-Philippe Beaubien

    Louis-Philippe Beaubien (March 3, 1903 – March 28, 1985) was a Canadian politician.

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