• Lorenzo Ricci

    Lorenzo Ricci, S.J. (August 2, 1703 – November 24, 1775) was an Italian Jesuit, elected the eighteenth Superior General of the Society of Jesus. He was also the last before the suppression of the Jesuits in 1773.

  • Lorenzo Ricci (athlete)

    Lorenzo Ricci is a paralympic athlete from Italy competing mainly in category T11 sprint events.

  • Lorenzo

    Lorenzo may refer to:

  • Lorenzo Picardi

    Lorenzo Picardi

    Lorenzo Picardi (born April 16, 2005) is a TikTok star.

  • Lorenzo Freeman

    Lorenzo Z. Freeman (May 23, 1964 – October 10, 2016) was a professional American football defensive tackle in the National Football League from Camden, New Jersey.

  • Lorenzo Greer

    Lorenzo Greer

    Lorenzo Greer (born March 1, 2009) is a YouTube star.

  • Lorenzo Caboni

    Lorenzo Caboni (born July 11, 2006) is a dancer.

  • Lorenzo Woodley

    Lorenzo Woodley

    Lorenzo Woodley (raised in Miami) is an American student and football player. He plays for UMass Minutemen and Minutewomen and is affiliated with the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

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