• Ljubica Maric

  • Ljubica Marić

    Ljubica Marić (Serbian pronunciation: [ʎûbitsa mǎːritɕ], 18 March 1909 – 17 September 2003) was a composer from Yugoslavia. She was a pupil of Josip Štolcer-Slavenski. She was known for being inspired by Byzantine Orthodox church music. She was professor at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade and member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

  • Ljubica

    Ljubica (Serbian Cyrillic: Љубица and Macedonian: Љубица) - is a Slavic feminine given name meaning "love" or "kiss", where -ica is a diminutive suffix. Also, ljubica means violet, while the actual flower is ljubičica, a superdiminutive. It is Serbo-Croatian in origin, used throughout the former Yugoslavia.

  • Ljubica Acevska

    Ljubica Z. Acevska (born 1957) is a Macedonian diplomat. A former U.S. citizen by naturalization and an economic consultant by profession, she quit her job in 1992 to become Macedonia's unofficial liaison in Washington, D.C. and relinquished U.S. citizenship in 1995 to take up her new officially-accredited role as the first Macedonian Ambassador to the United States. She served in that post until 2002, when she was succeeded by Nikola Dimitrov.

  • Ljubica Otašević

    Ljubica Otašević (Serbian Cyrillic: Љубица Оташевић; born August 2, 1933 – April 12, 1998) was a Yugoslav and Serbian actress and basketball player.

  • Ljubica Jelušič

    Ljubica Jelušič (born 16 June 1960 in Koper, FPR Yugoslavia ) is a Slovenian politician, lecturer in the field of defense studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Ljubljana, the Minister of Defence in the government of Borut Pahor (2008–2011) and currently she's member of National Assembly.

  • Ljubica Vukomanović

    Ljubica Vukomanović

    Ljubica Vukomanović (pronounced [ʎûbit͡sa ʋukomǎːnoʋit͡ɕ] Serbian Cyrillic: Љубица Вукомановић; September 1788 – 26 May 1843) was Princess consort of the Principality of Serbia as the wife of Miloš Obrenović, Prince of Serbia, and the founder of the Obrenović dynasty, which ruled Serbia in an almost unbroken line from the time of his election as Prince to the May Overthrow in 1903. Ljubica married Miloš in 1805 and became Princess of Serbia on 6 November 1817 until her husband's abdication on 25 June 1839. She had at least seven surviving children.

  • Ljubica Otasevic

  • Ljubica Drljača

    Ljubica Drljača (Serbian Cyrillic: Љубица Дрљача, born August 4, 1978 in Novi Sad, SFR Yugoslavia ) is a Serbian basketball coach and former basketball player. She plays small forward position and Power forward.

  • Ljubica Ostojić

    Ljubica Ostojić is a Bosnian poet, writer and playwright from Bosnia and Herzegovina. She writes in Croatian language and teaches dramaturgy at the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo. She was born on 20 March 1945 in Belgrade, and moved with her parents in the same year to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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