• Lili


    Lili is a 1953 American film released by MGM. It stars Leslie Caron as a touchingly naïve French girl whose emotional relationship with a carnival puppeteer is conducted through the medium of four puppets. The screenplay by Helen Deutsch was adapted from "The Man Who Hated People", a short story by Paul Gallico which appeared in the October 28, 1950, issue of The Saturday Evening Post .

  • Dream Again (Lili Anel album)

  • Lili Cross

    Lili Cross (born March 22, 1986) is a YouTube star.

  • Chen Lili (singer)

    Chen Lili (simplified Chinese: 陈笠笠; traditional Chinese: 陳笠笠; pinyin: Chen Lili) is a Chinese singer.

  • Yin Lili

    Yin Lili (born 11 November 1979) is a female Chinese middle distance runner.

  • Lili Bosse

    Lili Bosse

    Lili Bosse is an American politician and philanthropist. The daughter of Holocaust survivors, she has supported many Jewish causes in the United States and Israel. She served as the Mayor of Beverly Hills, California in its centennial year, from March 2014 to March 2015, as well as from March 2017 to March 2018. In her first term, she spearheaded the weekly "Walk With the Mayor" for residents, supported the boycott of the Beverly Hills Hotel owned by the Sultan of Brunei, and promoted trade with China for the luxury industry. In her second term, she spearheaded Beverly Hills Open Late to allow stores on Rodeo Drive to stay open late in the evening.

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