• Lidwina


    Lidwina (Lydwine, Lydwid, Lidwid, Liduina of Schiedam) (1380-1433) was a Dutch mystic who is honored as a saint by the Catholic Church. She is also thought to be one of the first documented cases of multiple sclerosis.

  • Lidwina, Saint

  • Ludwina, Greater Poland Voivodeship

    Ludwina [ludˈvina] (German: Rittersdorf) is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Pleszew, within Pleszew County, Greater Poland Voivodeship, in west-central Poland. It lies approximately 4 kilometres (2 mi) south of Pleszew and 86 km (53 mi) south-east of the regional capital Poznań.

  • Ludwina, Lodz Voivodeship

  • Ludwina

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