• Bix Beiderbecke

    Bix Beiderbecke

    Leon Bismark "Bix" Beiderbecke (March 10, 1903 – August 6, 1931) was an American jazz cornetist, pianist, and composer.

  • In the Dark (Bix Beiderbecke song)

    In the Dark (Bix Beiderbecke song)

    "In the Dark" is a 1931 jazz composition for solo piano by cornetist Bix Beiderbecke. The song was the fourth in a series of four piano works composed by Bix Beiderbecke during his career.

  • Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz Festival

    Davenport, Iowa's annual Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz Festival commemorates Bix Beiderbecke, a famous jazz cornetist, pianist, and composer who was born in Davenport in 1903. It is one of the largest jazz festivals in the United States. It is held on the weekend after the Bix 7 Road Race, another local event named for Beiderbecke.

  • Oh Baby (Bix Beiderbecke song)

    Oh Baby is a 1924 pop song composed by Walter Donaldson and Owen Murphy, with lyrics by Buddy DeSylva, It was recorded by the Wolverine Orchestra on May 6, 1924 in Richmond, Indiana for the Gennett label. The Wolverine Orchestra was composed of Bix Beiderbecke pianist Dick Voynow, trombonist Al Gandee, tenor saxophonist George Johnson, clarinetist Jimmy Hartwell, banjoist Bob Gillette, tuba player Min Leibrook, and drummer Vic Moore.

  • Leon Bismark Beiderbecke House

    Leon Bismark Beiderbecke House

    The Leon Bismark Beiderbecke House is a historic building located on the east side of Davenport, Iowa, United States. The house is the birthplace and boyhood home of jazz musician Leon Bismark "Bix" Beiderbecke and so the house is also known simply as the Bix Beiderbecke House. It has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1977.

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