• Leo Carrillo

    Leo Carrillo

    Leopoldo Antonio Carrillo Spanish pronunciation: [Cay-reel-yo] (August 6, 1880 – September 10, 1961), was an American actor, vaudevillian, political cartoonist, and conservationist. He was best known for playing Pancho in the very popular Western television series The Cisco Kid (1950–1956) and in several films.

  • Leo Carrillo State Park

    Leo Carrillo State Park

    Leo Carrillo State Park is a state park in Los Angeles County, California, United States. Situated along the Malibu coast, the park is a component of Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. With 1.5 miles (2.4 km) of beach, the parkland stretches into the Santa Monica Mountains. The park has expanded into Ventura County and also includes management of County Line Beach. California State Route 1 runs through the park, where it intersects with the western terminus of the Mulholland Highway. The 2,513-acre (1,017 ha) park was established in 1953. It is named for actor and conservationist Leo Carrillo (1881–1961), who served on the State Parks commission.

  • Leo Carrillo on stage and screen

    Leo Carrillo (Spanish pronunciation: [Cay-reel-yo ] ) (1881–1961) was an American cartoonist, a comedian in vaudeville, and an actor on stage, film and television. He was best known in the United States as the Cisco Kid's sidekick Pancho on 1950s children's television, a role which capped a long show business career that began decades earlier.

  • Léon

  • Leoobalys

    Leoobalys (born February 8, 2004) is a TikTok star.

  • Leon

    Leon, Léon (French) or León (Spanish) may refer to:

  • Leonor

    Leonor or Léonor is a short form of the given name Eleanor.

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