• Lars Johan Werle

    Lars Johan Werle (23 June 1926 – 3 August 2001) was a Swedish modernist composer.

  • Lars Johan Danbolt

    Lars Johan Danbolt (18 October 1895 – 7 June 1981) was a Norwegian priest.

  • Lars Johan Stark

    Lars Johan Stark (July 27, 1826 – May 5, 1910) was an American farmer, businessman, and politician.

  • Lars Johan Hierta

    Lars Johan Hierta (Swedish: [ˈlɑːʂ ²juːan ²jæʈːa]; 22 January 1801 – 20 November 1872) was a Swedish newspaper publisher, social critic, businessman and politician. He is best known as the founder of the newspaper Aftonbladet in 1830. Hierta was a leading agitator for political and social reform in Sweden during the 19th century. He is sometimes credited as the "father of the free press " in Sweden.

  • Lars Johansson

    Lars Johansson may refer to:

  • Lars Johansson (ice hockey)

    Lars Johansson (ice hockey)

    Lars Johansson (born 11 July 1987) is a Swedish professional ice hockey goaltender, currently playing under contract with CSKA Moscow of the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL). His brother Martin is a skier and orienteer.

  • Lars Johannes Irgens

    Lars Johannes Irgens

    Lars Johannes Irgens (9 October 1775 – 22 April 1830) was a Norwegian jurist and public official. He served as a representative at the Norwegian Constitutional Assembly.

  • Lars Johannesen Aga

    Lars Johannesen Aga (1800–1889) was a Norwegian politician.

  • Lars Johansson (bandy)

    Lars Johansson (born June 1, 1976) is a Swedish retired bandy player. He played as a defender during his whole career. Lars was a youth product of Kalix Bandy.

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