• La Monte Young

    La Monte Thornton Young (born October 14, 1935) is an American avant-garde composer, musician, and artist recognized as one of the first American minimalist composers. His works are cited as examples of post-war experimental and contemporary music, and were tied to New York's downtown music and Fluxus art scenes. Young is perhaps best known for his pioneering work in Western drone music (originally referred to as "dream music"), prominently explored in the 1960s with the experimental music collective the Theatre of Eternal Music. He has engaged in musical and multimedia collaborations with a wide range of artists, including Tony Conrad, Pandit Pran Nath, John Cale, Terry Riley, and multimedia artist Marian Zazeela, with whom he developed the Dream House sound and light environment.

  • Battle for Monte la Difensa

    Battle for Monte la Difensa

    The Battle for Monte La Difensa, which took place between 3 December and 9 December 1943, occurred during Operation Raincoat, part of the Battle for the Bernhardt Line during the Italian Campaign in World War II.

  • George M. La Monte

    George M. La Monte

    George Mason La Monte (June 4, 1863 – December 24, 1927) was an American businessman, philanthropist, and Democratic politician. He was the Democratic nominee for United States Senate in New Jersey in 1918 and served as Chairman of the Board of the Prudential Insurance Company.

  • Monté la riviè

    "Monté la riviè" (English translation: "Go Up The River") is a song recorded and composed by Martinique -born singer Kali, with lyrics in Antillean Creole and French by Remy Bellenchombre. The song was France's entry at the Eurovision Song Contest 1992.

  • La Monte, MO

  • La Monte (disambiguation)

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