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    Kublai Khan

    Kublai (/ˈkuːblaɪ/; Mongolian: Хубилай, romanized: Hubilai; Chinese: 忽必烈; pinyin: Hūbìliè) was the fifth Khagan (Great Khan) of the Mongol Empire (Ikh Mongol Uls), reigning from 1260 to 1294 (although due to the division of the empire this was a nominal position). He also founded the Yuan dynasty in China as a conquest dynasty in 1271, and ruled as the first Yuan emperor until his death in 1294.

  • Kublai Khan (band)

    Kublai Khan is an American metalcore band from Sherman, Texas. The group formed in the summer of 2009 and have released three full-length albums.

  • Kublai Khan (disambiguation)

    Kublai Khan was a grandson of Genghis Khan, Khagan of the Mongol Empire and founder of Yuan Dynasty

  • Kublai Khan (song)

    Kublai Khan (song)

    "Kublai Khan" is a single by Hip Hop duo Jedi Mind Tricks, released in 2003 through Babygrande Records . The song was the second single released from the duo's third album Visions of Gandhi , following "Animal Rap ", and followed by "Rise of the Machines ". "Kublai Khan" is a sequel to the group's 2000 single "Genghis Khan ", this time, named after Genghis' grandson Kublai Khan. The song, like "Genghis Khan", features an intense symphonic sample, courtesy of group producer Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind. New York City rapper Tragedy Khadafi, who appeared on "Genghis", also appears on the track. Former JMT member Jus Allah, who split from the group in 2001, is replaced by Goretex, of the group Non Phixion.

  • Kublai Khan (horse)

    Kublai Khan is a racing horse. She was sired by Sideral with Fantasista as the dam.

  • Kublai Khan, or A Vision in a Dream. A Fragment

  • Kublai Khan (poem)

  • Kublai Khan (Jedi Mind Tricks song)

  • Le Géant à la cour de Kublai Khan

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