• Konrad

    Konrad is a German (with variants Kunz and Kunze) and Polish given name and surname that means "Bold Counselor" and may refer to:

  • Konrad Gutowski

    Konrad Gutowski (born 22 March 1999 in Bielsko-Biała, Poland) is a professional footballer and a national of Poland.

  • Konrad Koch

    Konrad Koch

    Wilhelm Carl Johann Conrad Koch, commonly known as Konrad Koch (13 February 1846 – 13 April 1911) was a German teacher and football pioneer.

  • Konrad Freiherr von Wangenheim

    Konrad Freiherr von Wangenheim (20 August 1909 – 28 January 1953) was a German army Cavalry officer, a horse rider who competed at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, securing a gold medal for the German equestrian team whilst suffering from a broken collarbone.

  • Konrad Guderski

    Konrad Guderski

    The Defence of the Polish Post Office in Danzig (Gdańsk) was one of the first acts of World War II in Europe, as part of the Invasion of Poland. [] On September 1, 1939, Polish personnel defended the building for some 15 hours against assaults by the SS Heimwehr Danzig (SS Danzig Home Defense), local SA formations and special units of Danzig police. All but four of the defenders, who were able to escape from the building during the surrender, were sentenced to death by a German court martial as illegal combatants on October 5, 1939, and executed.

  • Konrad Bartelski

    Konrad Bartelski (born 27 May 1954) is a former British alpine ski racer who produced the best result by a Briton on the Alpine Skiing World Cup circuit in 1981 by coming within 0.11 seconds of winning a World Cup downhill race at Val Gardena.

  • Konrad Cordatus

    Konrad Cordatus or Conrad Cordatus (1480-1546) was a preacher and Protestant reformer in Niemegk who severely attacked Philipp Melanchthon, German reformer and collaborator with Martin Luther, during his sojourn in Tübingen in 1536.

  • Konrad Eberhard

    Konrad Eberhard (25 November 1768 – 12 March 1859), a German historical painter, better known as a sculptor, was one of the foremost artists of the so-called Nazarene School, which at one time gathered round Friedrich Overbeck in Rome.

  • Georg Konrad Morgen

    Georg Konrad Morgen (8 June 1909 – 4 February 1982) was an SS judge and lawyer who investigated crimes committed in Nazi concentration camps. He rose to the rank of SS-Sturmbannführer (major). After the war, Morgen served as witness at several anti-Nazi trials and continued his legal career in Frankfurt.

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