• Keter Betts

    William Thomas "Keter" Betts (July 22, 1928 – August 6, 2005) was an American jazz double bassist. Born in Port Chester, New York, he was nicknamed "Keter", a short form of the word mosquito.

  • Peter Betts

    Peter Betts is an American former figure skater. Skating with Yvonne Littlefield, he won the ice dance title at the 1962 United States Figure Skating Championships.

  • Craig Zetter

    Craig Zetter (born 30 June 1977) is a football (soccer) referee in the A-League. He has refereed in the now-defunct National Soccer League (NSL). He is also a police officer. He joined the South Australia Police force in 2004. In 2006, he received a FIFA Referee Badge.

  • Zetter Hotel

    Zetter Hotel

    The Zetter Hotel is a hotel in London, located at 86-88 Clerkenwell Road in Clerkenwell, London.

  • Zetter, Kim

  • Keter

  • Keter Torah

    Keter Torah (also spelled Keser Torah or Kesser Torah) (Hebrew: כתר תורה‎, lit., "Crown of Torah") may refer to:

  • Erick Keter

    Erick Keter (born 22 July 1966, in Kabarusu, Kericho) is a retired Kenyan athlete who specialized in the 400 metres hurdles. He has also been a Kenyan record holder during his career.

  • Keter Plastic

    Keter Plastic

    Keter Group (Hebrew: כתר פלסטיק‎) is an Israeli manufacturer and marketer of resin -based household and garden consumer products. The company, established in 1948, has a chain of retail stores throughout Israel and operates 29 plants in Israel, Luxembourg, Europe, Canada and the United States. Keter products are marketed worldwide.

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