• Kenneth E. Boulding

    Kenneth E. Boulding

    Kenneth Ewart Boulding (/ˈboʊldɪŋ/; January 18, 1910 – March 18, 1993) was an English-born American economist, educator, peace activist, and interdisciplinary philosopher. He published over thirty-six books and over one hundred and twelve articles. Boulding was the author of two Citation Classics: The Image: Knowledge in Life and Society (1956) and Conflict and Defense: A General Theory (1962). He was cofounder of general systems theory and founder of numerous ongoing intellectual projects in economics and social science. He was married to Elise M. Boulding.

  • Kenneth E. Killoren

    Kenneth E. Killoren (1919-1988) was a Jesuit priest who lived in Korea and the first president of Sogang University.

  • Kenneth E. Wing

    Kenneth E. Wing was the ninth president of the State University of New York at Cobleskill, serving from 1992 to 2002.

  • Kenneth E. Ayres (horse owner)

    Kenneth E. Ayres is a racehorse owner raised in Lexington, KY.

  • Kenneth E. Scott

    Kenneth E. Scott (1928–2016) was an American lawyer, having been the Ralph M. Parsons Professor Emeritus of Law and Business at Stanford Law School.

  • Kenneth Evans (bishop of Dorking)

    Kenneth Dawson Evans (7 November 1915 – 29 June 2007) was the second suffragan bishop of Dorking in Guildford, Surrey, England.

  • Kenneth Evans (priest)

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