• Karl von Le Suire

    Karl Hans Maximilian von Le Suire (8 November 1898 – 18 June 1954) was a German general during World War II who commanded the XXXXIX Mountain Corps. He was responsible for the Massacre of Kalavryta.

  • Karl von Holtei

    Karl Eduard von Holtei (January 24, 1798 – February 12, 1880) was a German poet and actor.

  • Karl von Hegel

    Friedrich Wilhelm Karl, Ritter von Hegel (7 June 1813 – 5 December 1901) was a German historian. During his lifetime he was a well-known and well-reputed historian who received many awards and honours, because he was one of the major urban historians during the second half of the 19th century.

  • Karl von Weishaupt

    Carl also Karl Romanus von Weishaupt (11 August 1787 – 18 December 1853) was a Bavarian lieutenant general and War Minister under Maximilian II of Bavaria from 5 April to 21 November 1848.

  • Richard Karl von Tessmar

    Generalmajor Richard Karl von Tessmar (1853–1928) was a German soldier.

  • Karl von Stürgkh

    Karl von Stürgkh

    Karl von Stürgkh (30 October 1859 – 21 October 1916) was an Austrian politician and Minister-President of Cisleithania during the 1914 July Crisis that led to the outbreak of World War I. He was shot and killed by the Social Democratic politician Friedrich Adler.

  • Karl von Ergert

    Karl von Ergert was an Austrian cavalry officer, known for his role in suppressing the revolution against Austrian rule in northern Italy in 1848 and 1849, most notably at the Battle of Novara in the latter year.

  • Karl von Schmidt

    Karl von Schmidt (January 12, 1817 – August 25, 1875) was a Prussian cavalry general.

  • Christoph Karl von Piacsek

    Christoph Karl von Piacsek was a Hungarian officer in Habsburg military service during the French Revolutionary Wars. He was born in 1749 in Klobusics (cz: Klobusic; hu: Klobušice), in the commune of Trencsén, in the Kingdom of Hungary. As a Rittmeister, or captain of cavalry, in the 9th Hussar Regiment, he received the Knight's Cross of the Military Order of Maria Theresa in 1789, after combat in Tabor during Austria's wars with the Ottoman Empire, and, as a colonel, commanded the 9th Hussars, 1793–1797. In 1793, during the War of the First Coalition, the 9th Hussars were part of the Army of the Rhine (Austrian), and participated in the skirmishes at Offenbach, Knittelsbach, and Otterheim, and, later, at the storming of the Wissembourg line at Lauffenberg. Following this action, Piacsek, Major Baron von Szoreyny, and several other officers were honored.

  • Karl von Heygendorff

    Karl von Heygendorff (25 December 1806, Weimar – 17 February 1895, Dresden ) was a German officer in the army of the Kingdom of Saxony, rising to major general.

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