• Karl Ludwig

    Karl or Carl Ludwig may refer to:

  • Karl Ludwig Friedrich Hetsch

    Karl Ludwig Friedrich Hetsch (or Louis Hetsch; 1808-1872) was a German songwriter. His modestly forgettable songs include Louange de la Havane.

  • Karl Ludwig Frommel

    Karl Ludwig Frommel (29 April 1789 – 6 February 1863) was a German landscape painter and engraver, born at Birkenfeld. He studied at Karlsruhe, under F. J. Becker and Haldenwang, visited Paris, and earned a considerable reputation in Italy (1812–17). He was appointed professor at Karlsruhe where he founded the Society of Art and Industry. After a visit to London (1824) to acquaint himself with the technique of steel engraving, he opened a studio, with Henry Winkles at Karlsruhe for that branch of art. From 1830 to 1858 he was director of the picture gallery, which flourished. He was the father of Emil Frommel.

  • Karl Ludwig (sledge hockey)

    Karl Ludwig is a Canadian ice sledge hockey player. He won a bronze medal at the 2014 Winter Paralympics in Sochi, Russia.

  • Karl Ludwig Schröder

    Karl Ludwig Schröder was a screenwriter, director, and agent known for engaging noted authors as scenarists.

  • Karl Ludwig Michelet

    Karl Ludwig Michelet (4 December 1801 – 15 December 1893) was a German philosopher. He was born and died at Berlin.

  • Ludwig Karl Koch

    Ludwig Paul Koch MBE (13 November 1881, Frankfurt am Main – 4 May 1974, Harrow, London ) was a broadcaster and sound recordist. An expert on recording animal sounds, he played a significant part in increasing the British public's appreciation of wildlife.

  • Karl Ludwig Gerok

    Karl Ludwig Wilhelm Gerok (27 January 1906 – 28 June 1975) was a German organist, composer and organ teacher.

  • Karl Ludwig Schmidt

    Karl Ludwig Schmidt (Frankfurt am Main 5 February 1891 – Basel, 10 January 1956) was a German Protestant theologian and professor of New Testament studies at the University of Basel. He taught that the accounts of the New Testament were to be regarded as fixed written versions of oral Gospel tradition. In 1919, his book Der Rahmen der Geschichte Jesu ("The Framework of the Story of Jesus") showed that Mark's chronology is the invention of the evangelist. Using form criticism, Schmidt showed that an editor had assembled the narrative out of individual scenes that did not originally have a chronological order. This finding challenged historians' ability to discern a historical Jesus and helped bring about a decades-long collapse in interest in the topic.

  • Karl Ludwig Ernst Schroeder

    Karl Ludwig Ernst Friedrich Schroeder (11 September 1838, Neustrelitz – 7 February 1887, Berlin ) was a German gynecologist .

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