• Karl Ludwig

    Karl or Carl Ludwig may refer to:

  • Karl Ludwig Schröder

    Karl Ludwig Schröder was a screenwriter, director, and agent known for engaging noted authors as scenarists.

  • Karl Ludwig Giesecke

    Carl Ludwig Giesecke FRSE (6 April 1761 in Augsburg – 5 March 1833 in Dublin ) was a German actor, librettist, polar explorer and mineralogist. In his youth he was called Johann Georg Metzler; in his later career in Ireland he was Sir Charles Lewis Giesecke.

  • Karl Ludwig Bernays

    Karl Ludwig Bernays (November 21, 1815 – June 22, 1876), baptized Ferdinand Cölestin Bernays and also known as Charles Louis Bernays, was a German journalist and associate of Karl Marx. Emigrating to the United States in the late 1840s, he worked as a journalist in Missouri.

  • Karl Ludwig (footballer)

    Karl Ludwig (14 May 1886 – 3 February 1948) was a German international footballer.

  • Felix Karl Ludwig Machatschki

    Karl Ludwig Felix Machatschki (22 September 1895 – 17 February 1970) was an Austrian mineralogist.

  • George Karl Ludwig Sigwart

    George Karl Ludwig Sigwart (28 October 1784 – 29 March 1864) was a German biochemist, botanist and physician.

  • Karl Ludwig Leimbach

    Karl Ludwig Leimbach (18 May 1844, Treysa – 30 December 1905, Hanover ) was a German educator and literary historian.

  • Karl Ludwig Kannegiesser

    Karl Friedrich Ludwig Kannegiesser (1781-1861) was a German author, translator, and critic.

  • Ludwig Karl Eduard Schneider

    Ludwig Karl Eduard Schneider (26 June 1809 in Sudenburg – 9 February 1889 in Schönebeck ) was a German politician and botanist, known for his studies of flora native to what is now called Saxony-Anhalt.

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