• Kan Ishii

    Kan Ishii (石井 歓, Ishii Kan, 30 March 1921 in Tokyo, Japan – 24 November 2009 in Yokohama, Japan ) was a Japanese composer, and the brother of composer Maki Ishii. His father, Bac Ishii (石井漠, Ishii Baku, 1886–1962) was a prominent Japanese ballet dancer. His Symphonia Ainu won a prize at the 1958 Art Festival, inspiring him to do further work inspired by nationalist primitivism. His musical style appeals directly to the emotions, and shows the influence of Carl Orff. In addition to orchestral and vocal music, he has written extensively for the stage, including 6 operas, 3 ballets and 9 film scores, including the 1962 science-fiction film Gorath . Ishii accepted a position as professor at Shōwa College of Music in 1986.

  • Shi Yan

    Shi Yan is a farmer and founder of the first Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm in China.

  • Shi Yan Xu

    Shi Yanxu is the director of Shaolin Temple Cultural Center in Los Angeles. Yanxu started his monastic life in childhood with extensive Chan meditation and Shaolin Kung Fu training under Abbot Shi YongXin at China’s Songshan Shaolin Temple. He was appointed the head instructor of Shaolin martial monks in 2004-2005 and has been the personal aid of the Abbot before he came to the United States. Shi Yanxu is a master of the Shaolin Arts---an integrated system of Chan Buddhism, Martial Arts and Medicine. He has gained insights to the scriptures and human nature through meditation guided by accomplished Chan masters. He specializes in various forms of Shaolin Martial Arts as well as the holistic exercise system which is designed to enhance people's physical health. The holistic exercise system follows Yi Jin Jing(易筋經), Muscle/Tendon Change Classic, and Xi Sui Jing(洗髓經), Marrow Washing Classic, which were left behind by Bodhidharma at Songshan Shaolin Temple during 5th/6th century. Since 2007, Yanxu has taught hundreds of students with difference age, race, religion and cultural background. He has organized various events to promote Shaolin culture in the U.S., such as the Shaolin Temple Day Celebration. Also, Yanxu actively involved with the local community and his efforts were acknowledged by the City of Arcadia, City of Walnut, Los Angeles Country Sheriff's Department and Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles County, etc.

  • Shi San Jing

  • Jin ling shi san chai

  • Shi San Tai Bao

  • Yan Shi Fan

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