• Kalervo Tuukkanen

    Kalervo Tuukkanen (14 October 1909 – 12 July 1979) was a Finnish composer.

  • Kalervo Nissilä

    Kalervo Nissilä

    Kaino Kalervo Nissilä (11 July 1913 – 30 March 1997) was a Finnish actor and a theatre leader. He is best remembered for such films as Härmästä poikia kymmenen (1950), Sadan miekan mies and Valkoinen peura (1952).

  • Kalervo Oberg

    Kalervo Oberg (1901–1973) was a Canadian anthropologist. Oberg was dedicated to fieldwork, serving as a civil servant and a teacher. He traveled the world and wrote about these experiences so others could enjoy them as well.

  • Kalervo Palsa

    Huugo Kalervo Palsa (March 12, 1947 – October 3, 1987), or Kalle, was a Finnish artist in a style that has been described as fantastic realism.

  • Kalervo Gulson

    Dr Kalervo Gulson is a sociologist of education at the University of New South Wales. He has previously held positions at the University of British Columbia and Charles Sturt University. His work has provided important insights into the role of space and place when theorizing education policy change.

  • Kalervo Kallio

    Kalervo Kallio

    Niilo Kalervo Kallio (28 March 1909 – 2 November 1969) was a Finnish sculptor. He was the son of the fourth President of Finland Kyösti Kallio.

  • Kalervo Kurkiala

    Kalervo Kurkiala

    Kalervo Kurkiala (born Kalervo Groundstroem, 16 November 1894 – 26 December 1966) was a Finnish soldier who later became a pastor. During World War I he served as a volunteer in the German light infantry, his first engagement being on the Misa River in Latvia on the eastern front in 1916. He was a battalion commander in the White Army during the Finnish Civil War, which broke out in 1918. After being ordained in 1919, for a while he was an army chaplain before assuming civilian duties as a pastor and teacher. For several years he served with the Seamen's mission in Australia. During World War II, in 1941 Kurkiala volunteered as chaplain to the Finnish volunteer brigade in the Waffen-SS. After the war, for many years he was a pastor in Sweden.

  • Kalervo Toivonen

    Kaarlo Kalervo Toivonen (22 January 1913, Salo – 25 July 2006) was a Finnish athlete who mainly competed in the men's javelin throw during his career.

  • Kalervo Rauhala

    Kalervo Rauhala (October 19, 1930, Ylistaro – September 21, 2016) was a Finnish wrestler and Olympic medalist in Greco-Roman wrestling.

  • Kalervo Kummola

    Kalervo Kummola (born 1945 in Raisio, Finland ) is the Vice President of the International Ice Hockey Federation. He is a former member of the Parliament of Finland, representing the liberal conservative National Coalition Party from 1999 to 2003.

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