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  • Juraj Jánosík

  • Juraj Jánošík

    Juraj Jánošík

    Juraj Jánošík (first name also Juro or Jurko, Slovak pronunciation: [ˈjuɾaj ˈjaːnɔʃiːk]; baptised January 25, 1688, died March 17, 1713) was a Slovak highwayman. Jánošík has been the main character of many Slovak novels, poems and films. According to the legend, he robbed nobles and gave the loot to the poor, a deed often attributed to the famous Robin Hood. The legend is also known in neighbouring Poland and the Czech Republic. The actual robber had little to do with the modern legend, whose content partly reflects the ubiquitous folk myths of a hero taking from the rich and giving to the poor. However, the legend was also shaped in important ways by the activists and writers in the 19th century when Jánošík became the key highwayman character in stories that spread in the north counties of the Kingdom of Hungary (much in present Slovakia ) and among the local Gorals tourists in the Podhale region north of the Tatras. The image of Jánošík as a symbol of resistance to oppression was reinforced when poems about him became part of the Slovak and Czech middle and high school literature curriculum, and then again with the numerous films that propagated his modern legend in the 20th century. During the anti-Nazi Slovak National Uprising, one of the partisan groups bore his name.

  • Juraj

    Juraj is a given name used in a number of languages in various forms. The variants used in Central, Eastern, and South-Eastern Europe may be derived from a Slavonic similar to the Russian word юркий (yurkiy) meaning nimble, quick, handy. Pronounced "yuwh-rie" or "yuwh-rai". The English equivalent of the name is George.

  • Juraj Majdan

    Juraj Majdan (born August 20, 1991) is a Slovak professional ice hockey player currently playing for HC Košice of the Slovak Extraliga.

  • Juraj Halaj

    Juraj Halaj is a Slovak professional ice hockey player who played with HC Slovan Bratislava in the Slovak Extraliga.

  • Juraj Njavro

    Juraj Njavro (2 July 1938 – 15 September 2008) was a Croatian medical doctor and politician.

  • Juraj Radivojević

    Juraj or Đurađ Radivojević (died after 23 February 1408) was a Bosnian nobleman. He was knez (lord) in Krajina Makareka, serving Queen Helen (r. 1395–1398). He was a son of Radivoje, a member of the Vukčić noble family, which served the Kingdom of Bosnia in Zahumlje.

  • Juraj Kakas

    Juraj Kakaš (born June 17, 1971 in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia) is a former soccer goalkeeper.

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