• Julius White

    Julius White

    Julius White (September 23, 1816 – May 12, 1890) was a brigadier general in the Union Army during the American Civil War, as well as a postbellum diplomat.

  • Julius Wolff (writer)

    Julius Wolff (writer)

    Julius Wolff (16 September 1834 – 3 June 1910) was a German writer and poet. He enjoyed great popularity in Germany during the Gründerzeit. He was influenced by Joseph Victor von Scheffel.

  • Julius T. Csotonyi

    Julius Thomas Csotonyi (born October 11, 1973) is a Canadian paleoartist and natural history illustrator living in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He specialises in photo-realistic restorations of dinosaurs, paleo-environments and extinct animals. His techniques encompass both traditional and digital media. His art is included in museum displays in many countries. Csotonyi also created the design of the reverse side of the commemorative 25 dollar silver Royal Canadian Mint coin called 50th Anniversary of the Canadian Flag.

  • Julius FifaGoalsUnited

    Julius FifaGoalsUnited

    Julius FifaGoalsUnited (born January 16, 1995) is a YouTube star.

  • Julius Plücker

    Julius Plücker

    Julius Plücker (16 June 1801 – 22 May 1868) was a German mathematician and physicist. He made fundamental contributions to the field of analytical geometry and was a pioneer in the investigations of cathode rays that led eventually to the discovery of the electron. He also vastly extended the study of Lamé curves.

  • Julius Cowdrey

    Julius Cowdrey

    Julius Cowdrey (born January 30, 1993) is a reality star.

  • Claudius Julius Eclesius Dynamius

    Claudius Julius Ecclesius Dynamius (Latin:Claudius Iulius Ecclesius Dynamius) was a Roman senator during the late 5th-century who became consul in 488 and Urban prefect of Rome in 490 under Theodoric.

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