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  • Julio Iglesias

    Julio Iglesias

    Julio José Iglesias de la Cueva (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈxuljo iˈɣlesjas]; born 23 September 1943) is a Spanish singer, songwriter and former professional footballer. Iglesias is recognized as the most commercially successful Continental European singer in the world and one of the top ten record sellers in music history, having sold more than 200 million records worldwide in 14 languages. It is estimated that during his career he has performed in more than 5000 concerts, for over 60 million people in five continents. In April 2013, Iglesias was inducted into the Hall of Fame of Latin Composers.

  • Mexico (Julio Iglesias album)

  • Julio Iglesias discography

    Julio Iglesias discography

    Julio Iglesias is the best selling international artist in Brazil with over 12.4 million records sold and also one of the best-selling artists worldwide, with 100 million records sold in 14 languages and released 80 albums, and more than 2,600 gold and platinum records certified.

  • Chiquilla (Julio Iglesias song)

    Chiquilla is a ballad sung by Julio Iglesias, released in 1970 on the albums Yo Canto and Gwendolyne.

  • Libra (Julio Iglesias album)

    Libra (Julio Iglesias album)

    Libra (Pound) is a Julio Iglesias album released in 1985. The album was his first to reach number-one on the Latin Pop Album charts.

  • Crazy (Julio Iglesias album)

    Crazy (Julio Iglesias album)

    Crazy is a 1994 album by Julio Iglesias.

  • Starry Night (Julio Iglesias album)

    Starry Night (Julio Iglesias album)

    Starry Night is a 1990 album by Julio Iglesias. It contains covers of popular songs from the 1950s, '60s and '70s.

  • Momentos (Julio Iglesias album)

    Momentos (Julio Iglesias album)

    Momentos (Moments) is a 1982 album by Julio Iglesias.

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