• Jules De Bruycker

    Jules De Bruycker

    Jules De Bruycker (29 March 1870 – 5 September 1945) was a Belgian graphic artist, etcher, painter and draughtsman. He is considered one of the foremost Belgian graphic artists after James Ensor and achieved a high level of technical virtuosity. He is best known for his scenes of his home town Ghent, architectural views of cathedrals, war prints and book illustrations.

  • Jules de Blosseville

    Jules de Blosseville

    Jules Poret de Blosseville (29 July 1802 – August 1833) was a French naval officer, geographer and explorer. Born in 1802, he joined the French Navy at the age of 16. From 1822 to 1825, he participated in an expedition that explored the South Pacific and, by its conclusion, circumnavigated the world. He disappeared in August 1833, while in command of his own expedition to the Arctic.

  • Jean Maurice Paul Jules de Noailles

    Jean Maurice Paul Jules de Noailles, 6th Duke of Ayen (Paris, 18 September 1893 – Bergen-Belsen, 14 April 1945) was the son of Adrien de Noailles, 8th Duke of Noailles.

  • Pierre Jules de la Font

    Pierre Jules André Marie de La Font(9 July 1885 – 7 July 1963) was a French general of cavalry.

  • Jules de Saint-Genois

    Jules de Saint-Genois

    Jules, Baron de Saint-Genois (22 March 1813 – 10 September 1867) was a Belgian liberal politician, historian, librarian and professor at the University of Ghent. He was the first President of the Willemsfonds and a prolific contributor to the early volumes of the Biographie Nationale de Belgique .

  • Jules de Rohan

    Jules de Rohan is the name of:

  • Henry III Jules de Bourbon, prince de Conde

  • Henri Jules de Bourbon-Condé

  • Jules de Rohan, Prince of Guéméné

  • Jules de Koenigswarter

    Baron Jules de Koenigswarter (March 7, 1904 – February 15, 1995), was a French soldier and diplomat of Jewish descent.

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