• Jules Deelder

    Jules Deelder

    Julius Anton (Jules) Deelder (born 24 November 1944) is a Dutch poet, spoken word poet and writer. His poems cover topics such as life in the city of Rotterdam, drug use, and jazz. He is well known in the Netherlands for his live performances and appearances in Dutch popular media. He collaborated with musicians and bands such as Herman Brood, Benjamin Herman and Bas van Lier to record and perform his poetry. His prominent role in the cultural life of Rotterdam earned him the nickname "night mayor of Rotterdam".

  • Jules


    Jules is the French form of the Latin "Julius" (e.g. Jules C├ęsar, the French name for Julius Caesar). It is the given name of:

  • Lycee francais Jules Verne (Guatemala)

  • Jules Strongbow

    Francis Huntington (born November 29, 1952) is an American retired professional wrestler. He is best known for his appearances with the World Wrestling Federation in the early 1980s under the ring name Jules Strongbow, where he held the WWF World Tag Team Championship on two occasions with his kayfabe brother, Chief Jay Strongbow.

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