• Joseph Brant

    Joseph Brant

    Thayendanegea or Joseph Brant (March 1743 – November 24, 1807) was a Mohawk military and political leader, based in present-day New York, who was closely associated with Great Britain during and after the American Revolution. Perhaps the Native American of his generation best known to the Americans and British, he met many of the most significant Anglo-American people of the age, including both George Washington and King George III.

  • Joseph Brant Hospital

    Joseph Brant Hospital

    Joseph Brant Hospital is a hospital in Burlington, Ontario.

  • Joseph Brant Arseneau

    Joseph Brant Arseneau (born September 3, 1967) is generally known in finance and technology for first formally defining finance techniques for third world housing by describing the securitization of excess cash flow from renewable energy with the use of Renewable Energy Derivatives.

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