• Ramsey

    Ramsey may refer to:

  • Franchesca Ramsey

    Franchesca Ramsey

    Franchesca Ramsey (born November 29, 1983), also known as Chescaleigh, is an American comedian, activist, television and YouTube personality, and actress, who has appeared on MTV and MSNBC. She gained media fame quickly after her YouTube commentary on racial issues went viral, and she built a career as a writer, producer, and performer based on her unintended activism, being thrust into a role as an advisor or coach on social issues.

  • Cal Ramsey

    Calvin Ramsey (July 13, 1937 – March 25, 2019) was an American professional basketball player and broadcaster. A standout college player for NYU, he played 13 NBA games over two seasons. After his playing career ended, he began a 28-year affiliation with the New York Knicks as a broadcaster and a community representative.

  • Andrew Ramsey

    Andrew Ramsey may refer to:

  • Russ Ramsey

    Russ Ramsey

    W. Russell (Russ) Ramsey is an American financier and philanthropist, and the founder, chairman and CEO of hedge fund management firm Ramsey Asset Management. He previously cofounded the Washington, D.C., investment firm Friedman, Billings, Ramsey Group in 1989, where he served as president, secretary and co-CEO until 2001. He is also a founding investor in the non-profit investment organization Venture Philanthropy Partners.

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