• Johnny Goudie

    John Charles "Johnny" Goudie (born October 14, 1968 in Coral Gables, Florida, United States) is a Cuban-American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumental musician, record producer, actor, and podcaster based in Austin, Texas. In his four-decade career, he has received acclaim for his unique vocals and a musical style rooted in classic rock. Goudie has been the recipient of four Austin Music Awards and has fronted several bands including Goudie, Mr. Rocket Baby, Lovetree, Panjandrum, Liars & Saints, and the Little Champions. He has also been a sideman in several other bands, notably Endochine, The Lossy Coils, and Skyrocket.

  • Johnny Barraco

    Johnny Barraco

    Johnny Barraco (born on June 11, 1974 in Ohio) is a American pornographic actor.

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