• John Wolcot

    John Wolcot

    John Wolcot (baptised 9 May 1738 – 14 January 1819) was an English satirist, who wrote under the pseudonym of "Peter Pindar".

  • John Wolcott Stewart

    John Wolcott Stewart

    John Wolcott Stewart (November 24, 1825 – October 29, 1915) was an American lawyer and politician from Vermont. He served as Speaker of the Vermont House of Representatives and as the 33rd Governor of Vermont before serving in the United States House of Representatives and briefly in the United States Senate.

  • John Wolcott Adams

    John Wolcott Adams

    John Wolcott Adams (1874–1925) was an American illustrator.

  • John J. Wolcott

    John Jefferson Wolcott (June 20, 1810 Trenton, Oneida County, New York – July 31, 1881 Fulton, Oswego County ) was an American merchant, banker and politician from New York.

  • John Wilcotes

    John Wilcotes (died 1422), of Great Tew, Oxfordshire, was an English politician.

  • John Edward Walcott

    Admiral John Edward Walcott, CBE (1790-1868) was a British naval officer and politician.

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