• John Bacon

    John Bacon may refer to:

  • John Bacon (clerk)

    John Bacon F.S.A. (1738–1816), was a British clerk and editor, who edited a revised edition of John Ecton's Thesaurus. He spent much of his working life in the first-fruits department of the office Queen Anne's Bounty in the Temple, London.

  • John Bacon (footballer)

    John Bacon (born 23 March 1973 in Dublin) is a former Irish footballer.

  • John Bacon (Loyalist)

    John Bacon (Loyalist)

    John Bacon (died April 3, 1783) (also "Bloody John Bacon"), was a leader of the Pine Robbers, a band of Loyalist guerrilla fighters who hid out in the Pine Barrens of south-central New Jersey and preyed upon Patriots toward the end of the American Revolutionary War. The group was responsible for the October 1782 Long Beach Island Massacre, which occurred after hostilities between the United States and Great Britain had been put on hold pending treaty negotiations. He and his band were relentlessly pursued thereafter. Bacon was killed the following March while resisting capture (considered by several historians to be the last casualty of the war).

  • John Bacon (judge)

    John Bacon (died 1321) was an English judge.

  • John Bacon (cricketer)

    John Bacon (30 May 1871 – 16 October 1942) was an English cricketer. Bacon was a right-handed batsman who bowled right-arm medium pace. He was born at Enderby, Leicestershire.

  • John Bacon (1777–1859)

    John Bacon (1777–1859)

    John Bacon (1777–1859), also known as John Bacon Junior to distinguish him from his more famous father, was an English sculptor.

  • John Bacon (newsreader)

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