• Johannes Junius

    Johannes Junius (1573 – 6 August 1628) was the mayor (German: Bürgermeister) of Bamberg, and a victim of the Bamberg witch trials, who wrote a letter to his daughter from jail while he awaited execution for witchcraft.

  • Jóhannes

  • Johannes

    Johannes is a Medieval Latin form of the personal name that usually appears as "John " in English language contexts. It is a variant of the Greek name (Ιωάννης) and Classical Latin (Ioannes ), itself derived from the Hebrew name Yehochanan , meaning "Yahweh is gracious". The name became popular in Northern Europe, especially in Germany. Common German variants for Johannes are Johann , Hans (diminutized to Hänschen or Hänsel, known from "Hansel and Gretel ", a fairy tale by the Grimm brothers), Hannes, Jens (from Danish) and Jan (from Dutch). In the Netherlands, Johannes was without interruption the most common masculine birth name until 1989. Jan (a variant of John) is known in Catalan, Czech, Slovenian, Dutch, Scandinavian, Cornish, German, Afrikaans and Northern Germanic. Polish has its own variant Janusz as has Slovenian "Janez". Common English variants for Johannes are John or Johnny. There are also variants of the name in other languages:

  • Johannes Bah Kuhnke

    Johannes Bah Kuhnke

    Kjell Dietrich Johannes Bah Kuhnke, (né Kuhnke; born 17 April 1972) is a Swedish actor and singer. He has acted in several films and received international attention in 2014 for his role in the film Force Majeure . In 2010, he participated as a singer in Melodifestivalen with the song "Tonight". In addition to acting in films and on television, he has performed in plays such as Cabaret and The Jungle Book .

  • Johannes Barge

    Johannes Barge (23 March 1906 – 28 February 2000) was an officer in the Wehrmacht of Nazi Germany during World War II who was responsible for German military operations causing Cephalonia Massacre in September 1943.

  • Johannes Gossner

    Johannes Gossner

    Johannes Evangelista Gossner (14 December 1773 – 20 March 1858), German divine and philanthropist, was born at Hausen near Augsburg.

  • Johannes Hardenbergh

    Major Johannes Hardenbergh (1670–1745), also known as Sir Johannes Hardenbergh, was the owner of the Hardenbergh patent of land in the Catskill Mountains.

  • Johannes Sobotta

    Johannes Sobotta

    Robert Heinrich Johannes Sobotta (31 January 1869, in Berlin – 20 April 1945, in Bonn ) was a German anatomist.

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