• Johann Michael Zächer

    Johann Michael Zächer (1649 – 30 September 1712) was an Austrian composer.

  • Johann Michael Ekling

    Johann Michael Ekling (also spelt Eckling) (8 August 1795, Matzleinsdorf – 30 March 1876, Landstraße) was an Austrian mechanic and inventor of scientific apparatuses and instruments.

  • Johann Michael Reu

    Johann Michael Reu(November 16, 1869 – October 14, 1943) was a German - American Lutheran theologian, author and educator.

  • Johann Michael Wächter

    Johann Michael Wächter

    Johann Michael Wächter (2 March 1794 – 26 May 1853) was an Austrian bass-baritone most famous for appearing in the operas of Richard Wagner.

  • Johann Michael Wittmer

    Johann Michael Wittmer

    Johann Michael Wittmer (15 October 1802, Murnau am Staffelsee - 9 May 1880, Munich ) was a German painter who came from a family of painters and sculptors and was associated with the "Deutschrömer" (Germans artists and writers who lived in Rome). He is often referred to as "Johann Michael Wittmer II", to distinguish him from an earlier family member of the same name.

  • Johann Michael Ackner

    Johann Michael Ackner

    Johann Michael Ackner (January 25, 1782 – August 12, 1862) was a Transylvanian archaeologist and nature researcher.

  • Johann Michael Nathanael Feneberg

    Johann Michael Nathanael Feneberg, born in Oberdorf, Allgau, Bavaria, February 9, 1751; died October 12, 1812. He studied at Kaufbeuren and in the Jesuit gymnasium at Augsburg, and in 1770 entered the Society of Jesus, at Landsberg, Bavaria. When the Society was suppressed in 1773, he left the town, but continued his studies, was ordained in 1775 and appointed professor in the gymnasium of St. Paul at Ratisbon. From 1778-85 he held a modest benefice at Oberdorf and taught a private school, in 1785 he was appointed professor of rhetoric and poetry at the gymnasium of Dillingen, but was removed in 1793, together with several other professors suspected of leanings towards Illuminism. A plan of studies drawn up by him for the gymnasium brought him many enemies also. He was next given the parish of Seeg comprising some two thousand five hundred and received as assistants the celebrated author Christoph Schmid, and X. Bayer. He was a model pastor in every respect. Within a short time he executed a chart of the eighty-five villages in his parish, and took a census of the entire district.

  • Johann Michael Raich

    Johann Michael Raich (Ottobeuren in Bavaria, 17 January 1832 – Mainz, 28 March 1907) was a Catholic theologian.

  • Johann Michael Hahn

    Michael Hahn (2 February 1758, Altdorf bei Böblingen - 20 January 1819, Sindlingen, now known as Jettingen bei Herrenberg ) was a German Pietist, Theosophist and the founder of the Hahn'schen Gemeinschaft. His alleged forename Johann does not appear on his birth certificate.

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