• Johann Jakob Wirz

    Johann Jakob Wirz (1778 in Basel – 1858) was a Swiss silkweaver who became known a Theosophist prophet and started a group called the Nazarenes, or in German Nazarener. His divine inspiration began around the end of 1823, and he soon gathered a small group, called the Nazarenes around him.

  • Johann Jakob Müller (philosopher)

    Johann Jakob Müller (31 May 1650 - 13 April 1716) was a German moral philosopher.

  • Johann Jakob Quandt

    Johann Jakob Quandt (Lithuanian: Jonas Jokūbas Kvantas; 27 March 1686 in Königsberg – 17 January 1772 in Königsberg ) was a German orthodox Lutheran theologian, and professor of theology in Königsberg. He opposed Pietism, but sympathized with Wolffianism. He is known for sponsoring the first complete translation of the Bible into Lithuanian, the Quandt Bible of 1735. He was also a librarian of the Königsberg Public Library (first librarian, 1714–18).

  • List of compositions by Johann Jakob Froberger

    This is a list of compositions by Johann Jakob Froberger, taken from the Froberger Neue Ausgabe sämtlicher Werke (Froberger New Edition of the Complete Works, or NFA), edited by Siegbert Rampe. The list is organized by genres, in a way that makes adding newly found pieces easier than in most other work-lists: numbers 1xx are reserved for toccatas, numbers 2xx for fantasias, etc.

  • Johann Jakob Sulzer

    Johann Jakob Sulzer (23 December 1821 – 27 June 1897) was a Swiss politician, mayor of Winterthur (1858–1873) and President of the Swiss Council of States (1876).

  • Johann Jakob Stehlin

    Johann Jakob Stehlin (20 January 1803 – 18 December 1879) was a Swiss politician of the Free Democratic Party.

  • Johann Jakob Schudt

    Johann Jakob Schudt (January 14, 1664 – February 14, 1722) was a German polyhistor and Orientalist.

  • Johann Jakob Scheffmacher

    Johann Jakob Scheffmacher (27 April 1668 – 18 August 1733) was an Alsatian Jesuit theologian.

  • Johann Jakob Schalch

    Johann Jakob Schalch

    Johann Jakob Schalch (23 January 1723 – 21 August 1789) was a Swiss painter. He was a contemporary of the Swiss painters Anton Graff, Jean Preudhomme, Angelica Kauffman, Jakob Emanuel Handmann, Johann Caspar Füssli. His son Johann Heinrich Füssli was also a noted painter.

  • Johann Jakob Christian Donner

    Johann Jakob Christian Donner (Krefeld, 10 October 1799 - Stuttgart, 28 March 1875) was a German classical philologist and translator.

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