• Johann Gottfried Vierling

    Johann Gottfried Vierling (January 25, 1750 – November 22, 1813) was a German organist and composer.

  • Johann Gottfried Wetzstein

    Johann Gottfried Wetzstein

    Dr. Johann Gottfried Wetzstein (19 February 1815 – 18 January 1905) was an Orientalist and a Prussian diplomat. He was the Prussian consul in Damascus, Syria, Ottoman Empire, and he was an Orientalist academic. He was consul from 1848 to 1862.

  • Johann Gottfried Leonhardi

    Johann Gottfried Leonhardi (18 June 1746, Leipzig – 11 January 1823, Dresden ) was a German physician and chemist.

  • Johann Gottfried Schweighäuser

    Johann Gottfried Schweighäuser

    Johann Gottfried Schweighäuser (French: Jean Geoffroy Schweighaeuser) (2 January 1776, Strasbourg –14 March 1844) was a French philologist and archaeologist. He was the son of classicist Johann Schweighäuser.

  • Johann Gottfried Hildebrandt

    Johann Gottfried Hildebrandt (1724 or 1725, in Störmthal – 7 November 1775, in Dresden ) was a German organ builder.

  • Johann Gottfried Langermann

    Johann Gottfried Langermann (August 8, 1768 – September 5, 1832) was a German psychiatrist and administrator born in Maxen, near Dresden.

  • Johann Gottfried Roesner

    Johann Gottfried Roesner

    Johann Gottfried Roesner (or Rösner) (21 November 1658 – 7 December 1724) was an official from Royal Prussia (a fief of the Crown of Poland ) executed following the Tumult of Thorn.

  • Johann Gottfried Spiesshofer

    Johann Gottfried Spiesshofer

    Johann Gottfried Spiesshofer (February 9, 1854 – March 31, 1917) was a German industrialist and pioneer of the undergarment industry. The son of a weaver, he was known for his outstanding expertise in weaving techniques. Together with merchant Michael Braun he established the corsetry manufacturer "Spiesshofer & Braun" in Heubach (Württemberg ) in 1886. From 1902 onwards the company traded under the name "Triumph " as this was considered a more memorable brand name. Having started off with six sewing machines and six employees in a barn, the company had annual sales of 1.7 billion Euros in 2009, and 37,515 employees. Still family owned, by now the multinational manufacturing and marketing organization operates in 120 countries around the globe. It is one of the leading underwear companies in the world and sells its product primarily under the core brands Triumph®, sloggi®, Valisère® and HOM®.

  • Johann Gottfried Hoche

    Johann Gottfried Hoche (25 September 1762 in Gratzungen – 2 May 1836 in Gröningen ) was a German Protestant theologian and historian. He was the father of writer Louise Aston (1814–1871).

  • Johann Gottfried Reiff

    Johann Gottfried Reiff (Latin: Joannes Gothofredus Reiff) was a German philologist. He published an edition of Artemidorus's Oneirocritica in 1805.

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