• Johann Christoph Gustav von Struve

    Johann Christoph Gustav von Struve was a German diplomat. He was born on 26 September 1763 in Regensburg (at this time a Free Imperial City ) to the diplomat Anton Sebastian von Struve, the Russian ambassador to the Reichstag in Regensburg. His mother was Johanne Dorothea Werner of Sondershausen in the Thuringian states.

  • Johann Christoph Rincklake

    Johann Christoph Rincklake

    Johann Christoph Rincklake (19 October 1764 in Harsewinkel – 19 June 1813 in Münster ) was a German portrait painter of the Romantic era, with a high standing in international art history.

  • Johann Christoph Petzold

    ¨Johan Christoph Petzold (5 October 1708 - 15 September 1762) was a German sculptor who mainly worked in Denmark. He was a professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts from its establishment in 1754 and briefly held the post of Sculptor to the Danish Court.

  • Johann Christoph Rothe

    Johann Christoph Rothe (1653 – 2 June 1700) was a German Baroque composer.

  • Johann Christoph Brotze

    Johann Christoph Brotze (Latvian: Johans Kristofs Broce) (1 September 1742 – 4 August 1823) was a German pedagogue, artist and ethnographer.

  • Johann Christoph Jordan

    Johann Christoph (von) Jordan (died 1748) was a German bureaucrat and antiquary. He wrote in Latin, and his most important work was a history of the Slavic peoples, De Originibus Slavicis, published in 1745.

  • Johann Christoph Frisch

    Johann Christoph Frisch, an historical painter, was the son of the designer and engraver, Ferdinand Helfreich Frisch, and was born at Berlin in 1737. He was a pupil of B. Rode, but afterwards studied further at Rome. He died at Berlin in 1815, while holding the posts of court painter and director of the Academy. He painted numerous ceilings in the palaces at Berlin, Potsdam, and Sans Souci, with portraits, mythological representations, and scenes from the life of Frederick the Great.

  • Johann Christoph Wilhelm Ludwig Doderlein

  • Johann Christoph Wichmannshausen

    Johann Christoph Wichmannshausen

    Johann Christoph Wichmannshausen (October 3, 1663 – January 17, 1727) was a 17th-century German philologist. He received his magister's degree (the highest degree of the Faculty of Philosophy, equal to the doctorates) from the University of Leipzig in 1685. His dissertation, titled Disputationem Moralem De Divortiis Secundum Jus Naturae (Moral Disputation on Divorce according to the Law of Nature), was written under the direction of his father in law and advisor Otto Mencke. He was from 1692 until the time of his death a professor of Near Eastern languages and university librarian at the University of Wittenberg, and gave courses there in Philosophy and Hebrew.

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