• Johannes Siberg

    Johannes Siberg (1740–1817) was Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies from 1801 to 1805, during which time control of the Dutch Indies passed from the Dutch East India Company (VOC) to the Napoleonic Dutch State in the guise of the Batavian Republic (later superseded by the Kingdom of Holland ) which took over much of Dutch territory and broke their monopoly of trade. Local kings and princes took the opportunity of troubled times to try to reassert themselves. The various governments in the homeland tried various means to retrieve matters, including troop reinforcements and reforms, finally formally taking over the government functions of the VOC. Siberg resisted many of the reforms, and continued to do so after being removed from office.

  • Joannes


    Ioannes, (Latin: Iohannes Augustus) known in English as Joannes or even John, was a Roman usurper (423–425) against Valentinian III.

  • Jóannes Jakobsen

    Jóannes Jakobsen (born 25 August 1961) is a former Faroese football defender, as well as musician and composer, having released three albums on the Faroe Islands and produced a number of albums for other artists. He is assistant coach of Faroe Islands.

  • Joannes de Laet

    Joannes or Johannes De Laet (Latinized as Ioannes Latius) (1581 in Antwerp – buried 15 December 1649, in Leiden ) was a Dutch geographer and director of the Dutch West India Company. Philip Burden called his History of the New World, "...arguably the finest description of the Americas published in the seventeenth century" and "...one of the foundation maps of Canada". De Laet was the first to print maps with the names Manhattan , New Amsterdam (now New York City ) and Massachusetts .

  • Joannes Hermans

    Joannes Hermans, called Monsú Aurora, (Antwerp, c. 1630 – c. 1677) was a Flemish painter of animals and still lifes of game, fruit and flowers who worked in Italy and Antwerp where he contributed to the development of the Baroque still life genre.

  • Joannes Philippus Spalthoven

    Joannes Philippus Spalthoven, or Spalthof (c. 1680, Antwerp – c. 1722, Antwerp ), was a Flemish Baroque painter.

  • Joannes Meyssens

    Joannes Meyssens

    Joannes, Jan Meyssens or Jean Meyssens (17 May 1612 – 18 September 1670), was a Flemish Baroque painter, engraver, and printer.

  • Joannes de Mol

    Joannes de Mol

    Joannes de Mol (September 15, 1726 – November 22, 1782) was a Dutch minister, Patriot and porcelain manufacturer in the second half of the 18th century. De Mol - like many of his contemporaries - had a great interest in poetry and scientific experiments.

  • Joannes Aurifaber (Vimariensis)

    Joannes Aurifaber (1519 – November 18, 1575), born Johann Goldschmidt in Weimar, Germany, was a Lutheran churchman, theologian, and a Protestant reformer. Owing to a similarly-named contemporary, he is sometimes distinguished by the cognomen Vimariensis or Vinariensis ("of Weimar").

  • Jóannes Patursson

    Jóannes Patursson (May 6, 1866 – August 2, 1946) was a Faroese nationalist leader and poet. He served as a member of the Parliament of Denmark and the Parliament of the Faroe Islands.

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