• Jenő

    Jenő (Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈjɛnøː]) is a Hungarian male given name, equivalent to Eugene. In Austria and Germany the name is often simplified to Jenö (which in Hungarian is a shorter vowel) and pronounced as German umlaut ö. Jenő is also the legendary founder of one of Hungary's original tribes, and the name of that tribe. Since the 19th century it became a variant of Eugen.

  • Jenö

  • Jeno

    Jeno may refer to:

  • Jeno Hamori (fencer)

  • Karl Jeno Schmid

    Karl Jeno Schmid (born 16 September 1980 in Geelong) is an Australian Television Host. He has worked for TVNZ, TV1 ( Foxtel), BBC, ITV, and in the US, TV Guide Network and TLC.

  • Jenő Ábrahám

    Jenő Ábrahám (Serbo-Croatian Latin: Jeno Abraham, Serbian Cyrillic: Јено Абрахам, 1903 – 1973 ) was a Hungarian and Yugoslav international football player.

  • Jenő Schönberger

    Jenő Schönberger

    Jenő or Eugen Schönberger (born June 18, 1959) is a Romanian cleric, bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Satu Mare. Born into an ethnic Hungarian family in Turulung (Túrterebes), Satu Mare County, he studied at the Roman Catholic Theological Institute of Alba Iulia before being ordained in 1985. He was assistant priest in Carei, Satu Mare and Baia Mare and parish priest in Petreşti and Satu Mare. From 1997 to 2001, he was spiritual director and professor of liturgics at Alba Iulia. In 2001 he became parish priest at Dorolț, and the following year he was transferred to Sighetu Marmaţiei. In 2003 he was consecrated bishop in the cathedral in Satu Mare by Alba Iulia Archbishop György Jakubinyi.

  • Jenő Ébert

    Jenő Ébert (born 16 July 1946) is a Hungarian former figure skater. He is a seven-time Hungarian national champion. He competed at the 1964 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck and at the 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble.

  • Jenő Törzs

    Jenő Törzs (23 April 1887 – 1 February 1946) was a Hungarian film and stage actor.

  • Jenő Apáthy

    Jenő Apáthy (1880 – 1939) was a Hungarian fencer. He competed at the 1906 and 1908 Summer Olympics.

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