• Jean-Marie Leclair

    Jean-Marie Leclair

    Jean-Marie Leclair l'aîné, also known as Jean-Marie Leclair the Elder (10 May 1697 – 22 October 1764), was a Baroque violinist and composer. He is considered to have founded the French violin school. His brothers Jean-Marie Leclair the younger (1703–77), Pierre Leclair (1709–84) and Jean-Benoît Leclair (1714–after 1759) were also musicians.

  • Jean-Marie Leclair the younger

    Jean-Marie Leclair le cadet, also known as Jean-Marie Leclair, the Younger (1703 – 30 November 1777) was a French composer, and younger brother of the better-known Jean-Marie Leclair l'aîné ("the elder"). A third brother was named Pierre.

  • Jean-Marie, the Elder Leclair

  • Jean-Marie

    Jean-Marie is both a given name and a surname. Notable people with the name include:

  • Jean-Marie Sander

    Jean-Marie Sander (born 1949) is a French farmer, politician and banker. He serves as the Chairman of Crédit Agricole.

  • Jean-Marie Adiaffi

    Jean-Marie Adé Adiaffi or Jean-Marie Adiaffi (1 January 1941 – 15 November 1999) was a writer, screenwriter, filmmaker and Ivorian critic. He studied film at Institut des hautes études cinématographiques (IDHEC) and philosophy at the Sorbonne, before teaching in his home country. He published his first collection of poems, "Yalé Sonan" in 1969. His novel "La carte d'identité " (The identity card, 1980), reflection on African postcolonial cultural alienation, receives the Grand prix littéraire d'Afrique noire. Next, came "D'éclairs et de foudre" (lightning and thunder, 1980) and "La Galerie infernale" (1984), "Silence, on développe" (1992). Committed in the modernization of African religions, he is the creator of "Bossonisme", a neologism designating a genius which is worshiped.

  • Tre Jean-Marie

    Tre Jean-Marie (born 13 April 1993 in Hackney, London ), is a British songwriter and record producer currently published by BMG. He is of Trinidadian and St. Lucian descent. Tre is the son of singer/songwriter's Lincoln Jean-Marie, and Valerie-Suzette Taylor.

  • Jean-Marie De Zerbi

    Jean-Marie De Zerbi

    Jean-Marie De Zerbi (born 20 November 1959 in Bastia) is a French retired professional football striker. He is currently an assistant coach for OGC Nice, having worked with manager Frédéric Antonetti for years.

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