• Jean-Claude Beton

    Jean-Claude Beton (January 14, 1925 – December 2, 2013) was an Algerian-born French businessman, agricultural engineer and entrepreneur. Beton was the founder of the French soft drink maker, Orangina. He is credited with transforming Orangina from a little known citrus soda first manufactured by his father, Léon Beton, into a major global brand. Beton launched Orangina's iconic, signature 8-ounce bottle in 1951, which became a symbol of the brand. The bottle is shaped like an orange, with a glass texture designed to mimic the fruit. In 2009, Beton called Orangina the "champagne of soft drinks," saying that "It doesn't contain added colorants. It was and still is slightly sparkling. It had a little bulby bottle."

  • Jean-Claude

    Jean-Claude is a French masculine given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Jean-Claude Rouget

    Jean-Claude Rouget (born 1953 in Normandy) is a French Thoroughbred horse trainer and former jockey.

  • Jean-Claude Bouvy Trophy

    The Jean-Claude Bouvy Trophy is an award that is annually handed out to the most valuable player of Belgian football club K.A.A. Gent. It was established in 1979 and later named after Jean-Claude Bouvy, a player of Gent who died in a car crash in 1986.

  • Jean-Claude Tramont

    Jean-Claude Tramont (May 5, 1930 - December 27, 1996) was a Belgian writer, producer and director best known for his marriage to famous Hollywood agent Sue Mengers and the film All Night Long (1981).

  • Jean-Claude Mocik

    Jean-Claude Mocik

    Jean-Claude Mocik, was born on February 9, 1958 in Livry Gargan. He is a film-maker, video director, a director and teacher.

  • Jean-Claude Lord

    Jean-Claude Lord (born June 6, 1943) is a Canadian film director and screenwriter. He was one of the most commercial of the Québécois directors in the 1970s, aiming his feature films at a mass audience and dealing with political themes in a mainstream, Hollywood style.

  • Jean-Claude Borelly

    Jean-Claude Borelly

    Jean-Claude Borelly is a French trumpeter and composer.

  • Jean-Claude Pascal

    Jean-Claude Pascal (24 October 1927 in Paris, France – 5 May 1992), born Jean-Claude Villeminot, was a French comedian and singer.

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