• Jason Jacome

    Jason James Jacome (born November 24, 1970) is a former professional baseball pitcher from 1994 to 1998 for the New York Mets, Kansas City Royals, and Cleveland Indians. He also pitched two seasons in Japan for the Yakult Swallows in 1999 and 2000.

  • Jason

    Jason (/ˈdʒeɪsən/ JAY-sən; Ancient Greek: Ἰάσων, romanized: Iásōn, IPA: [i.ǎːsɔːn ]) was an ancient Greek mythological hero and leader of the Argonauts, whose quest for the Golden Fleece featured in Greek literature. He was the son of Aeson, the rightful king of Iolcos. He was married to the sorceress Medea. He was also the great-grandson of the messenger god Hermes, through his mother's side.

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